Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Expecto Patronus ... Taxidea taxus"

Uh oh.  I have not blogged since April 29th.  I've strewn comments all over the blogosphere, I've written a couple of short pieces, critiqued some stuff for others, went to a book launch, got to four writer's workshops, painted horse jumps and set up all the secretary's stuff for the 50th Anniversary Granby Pony Club Schooling Horse Show.

I also attended my 28-year-old son's Commencement at the University of Wisconsin on the evening of Friday the 17th.  We cannot call it a graduation because he is a PhD candidate and will not be defending his thesis until July.  But when he donned the black robe with the three velvet stripes on the arm and that blue velvet "hood" (signifying "doctor of philosophy") lined with red (signifying the University of Wisconsin), my heart swelled with pride.  He did not wear one of those floppy medieval hats, though, just a regular mortarboard.  Nothing's perfect.

I asked him if he would be good enough to hang onto his regalia for one more day so on Saturday he could pose in front of the capitol building in Madison, one of the most impressive state capitols in the country.  The dome is the largest dome by volume in the entire United States and is topped with a golden statue, "Wisconsin."  She is often referred to as "Lady Forward" since "Forward!" is the Wisconsin state motto.  She is over fifteen feet tall, holds a globe with an eagle sitting on it and wears a helmet topped by a badger, the state animal. I still can't get over it—this golden woman of ideal (albeit, large) proportions with a globe and a noble eagle under her control has ... a badger on her head. For some reason I cannot explain, I am enchanted by this.

So after visiting one of the most phenomenal farmers' markets in the country, we made our way up to the stairs of the capitol.  Jesse, Gordie's good friend and roommate, offered to take some photos for us.  Gordie pulled his commencement garb from his knapsack, put it on and when he was all robed, hooded and mortarboarded, empty leatherette diploma holder in hand, Jesse smiled and said:
"You're a wizard, Harry."
'Twas a grand day for these muggle parents, his dad and me.

Now ... back to writing.